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IH (induction heating) is a direct heating method in which the inner pot is uniformly heated by the electromagnetic induction action of the electric coil surrounded by the entire pot.
The heat and strong pressure are evenly distributed throughout the pot, so the food tastes better and the cooking time is shortened.
It reproduce the traditional cauldron method to improve the taste.
Induction heating allows targeted heating of the object to an application, including surface heating. Iron and its alloys respond best to induction heating due to their electromagnetic field resistance and ferromagnetic properties.
By this principle, the induction coil of the induction cooker heats the inner pot of the cooker by magnetic induction. The advantages of the induction cooker are efficiency, uniformity, safety (not heated except the inner pot) and speed, also the heat penetrates deep into the rice and adds a touch of flavor.

IH 방식이란 내솥 전체에 둘러싸인 전기 코일의 전자기유도 작용에 의해 내솥전체가 균일하게 발열되는 직접 가열 방식입니다,
내솥 전체에 골고루 열이 전해지기 때문에 밥맛이 좋고 조리시간이 단축되며, 열이 밥알 깊숙히 침투하여 조리되므로
전통 가마솥 방식을 재현하여 밥맛이 찰지고 좋습니다.

The Cuchen Rice Cooker is equipped with high performance and latest technologies for the best IH.