Overview and Policy

Cuchenamerica gives you the benefits of cashback for all your online purchases with love and reward.

Along with the promotion code, the Point system is actual price reduction and instantly redeemable at checkout.

You can earn a 4 % cashback point for every purchase and save as much as you like or You can use it instantly when you checkout.

There are no limits or expiration dates for points.

Points are non-cashable and are only available for online purchases.

To manage and use points, you need to register an account and you can not transfer it to someone.

◊ There is no minimum or maximum limit on purchases.

◊ earn 4% cashback points for every purchases.

◊ 1 point earns 1 dollar and 4 points will be earned when you buy $ 100 (4 points = $4 ).

◊ You can view and manage your cashback point in My account page.

회원가입후에 결재하시면 자동으로 총 구매액의 4%가 적립되며 다음 상품 구매시에 사용가능하십니다.