Steam sterilizer Humidifier / BH-910S

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♦ Steam sterilizer humidifier. (It’s sterilized naturally by boiling water and humidifying it)

♦ It is 125W, 130-150cc humidification for an hour, which is better thermal efficiency than other equivalent products. It is economical because it is the first PIPE heater in Korea, and humidification begins in about 1 minute and 20 seconds due to good instantaneous heat generation.

♦ The safety level has been dramatically. We sought safety when overturning the product by minimizing the amount of boiling water. The amount of boiling water is 30 to 40 cc, and the water tank has high safety with normal temperature water.

♦ The cylindrical heating structure is an efficient heating structure that maximizes the heating area and increases the amount of humidification and lowers electricity consumption. The installation of a stainless cylindrical membrane reduces noise and solves the problem of hot water droplets leaking outside.

♦ Includes 2 types of bottle caps: regular plastic bottles and bottled water bottle,

♦ 110V / 125W

♦ Made in korea




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Dimensions 14 × 14 × 11 in