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How long does it need for pressure packing to be replaced ?

  Depending on frequency of use, approximately 1 year ~1 1/2 year .

Steam is leaking on sideways, what should i do ?

  Check that the clean cover or clean cover packing is properly attached, if there is no abnormality, replace clean cover ( general pressure cooker ) or pressure packing ( general pressure & IH ).

I've replaced the packing, but it's still leaking, what should I do ?

  Make sure that the inner and outer packing are properly inserted and that the clean cover is properly attached.

  The cause of the steam leak:
1. If the packing is aged
2. If the valve that discharges the steam is malfunctioning
3. If the inner pot is deformed
4. If there is a problem in a certain part of the top plate
5. If there is a problem with the clean cover or clean cover holder.
If symptoms do not improve after replacing the packing,
and there is no abnormality, please contact our service center.

The packing is new but steam is leaking from the upper valve as cooking starts, what should I do ?

  It is simple valve malfunction, ask for repair to service center.

I keep getting an error message that the cooker is not locked and does not work, what should I do ?

  The sensor is faulty and must be replaced, please contact our service center.

Even though the inner pot is inside, it keeps getting an error message to insert the inner pot, what should I do ?

  Please contact our service center, we will process it immediately without any inconvenience.

When opening the lid after cooking, the water always flows down from clean cover (general pressure cooker), what should I do ?

  The clean cover may have been deformed or clean cover packing may have aged, it is recommended to replace the clean cover or clean cover packing.

After the rice cooked, the color of rice changes and smells, what should I do ?

  It is Melanogenesis, the rice absorbs the remaining moisture into the rice, and it is designed to be a delicious rice because melanosis phenomenon which gives a unique smell and flavor of rice, this is particularly noticeable when long term pre-cooked or mixed rice or IH products with high temperature and pressure performance. To prevent this, it is recommended to wash the rice thoroughly to reduce starch content, stir rice after cooking and eat rice within 12 hours after cooking.

The lid handle does not turn after cooking, what should I do ?

  Cuchen rice cooker is providing a locking device for safety when there is steam inside, wait until all the steam is exhausted, if it still does not open, sticky residue get caught in the safety pin and do not work properly. In that case, do not try to force it open. Please contact our service center.

Water accidentally spilled inside the cooker, what should I do ?

  Unplug the power cord, please contact our service center.

Suddenly the power was turned off when it was cooking and does not work, what should I do ?

  Generally power problems are mainly caused by mainboard failure, which is often caused by electrical overloads due to faulty electrical outlets, unstable voltage or often caused by short circuit due to water or debris infiltration, dust, bugs. Please contact our service center.

I use the general pressure cooker and the handle is too stiff, so it does not turn well, what should I do ?

  This is caused by dregs on the poise push shaft that pushes up the pressure stem. If so, you should spray a little WD-40 or Lubricant oil on poise push shaft (Which is not a problem for cooking or warming).

  Be careful not to overflow the rice water to prevent these problems.

I use the heating plate type rice cooker and suddenly the power was cut off during use and does not back on, what should I do ?

  A thermal sensor is mounted at the center of the heating plate,
if water or wet debris penetrates this area, a short circuit may occur in the thermal sensor,
the sensor must be replaced and the other parts also need to check. Please contact our service center.

  To avoid this problem, wipe the water on surface of the inner pot before put it in the cooker.

I use the general pressure cooker, the LCD lights up but does not cook or keep warm at all and error code-xx is displayed on the LCD panel, what should I do ?

  It is a malfunction of the mainboard or heating plate, it must be checked and replaced. Please contact our service team.

After using the inner pot for several years, bubbles form on the coating and peel off, Why is that?

If you keep warm for a long time while there is little rice left in the inner pot, the coating may be damaged,When there is little rice left, it is better to take out the rice, store it in the freezer, and then reheat it before eating, also the inner pot is not covered by the warranty and the inner pot must be replaced.


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